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Entry 80 - MOAR UI & Elephants - September 30, 2018

More UI Stuff
Some more UI stuff has been recreated to use Unity UI. I also made some new graphics to make it look better.


Note: The yellow cycle is from the recorder (I used Screen2Gif - it's cool!) and shows when I'm clicking.


Input Field

The input field is - except for the box graphic - not my own work to be honest. I just wrapped some code around the input field that comes with Text Mesh Pro.
I'm quite happy that I can just use that. I implemented input fields on my own for most of my previous games. That's why I know very well that making a convenient input field with all the cursor and selection logic is actually a lot of annoying work.

Elephant Model
I'm aware that elephants don't live on tropical islands (especially after someone mentioned that in the YouTube comments) but I think it would be fun to have them in the game so here we go!
Elephants will be friendly in general but when you dare to provoke or even attack them you will have a serious problem. The plan is to make them charge at you like the warthog in that case. The difference however will be that they will be able to destroy almost everything in their way while running towards their target. Moreover getting hit by an angry elephant will nearly always be fatal.
So if you need some wood a clever strategy might be to provoke an elephant in order to let him uproot some trees for you
> Watch Elephant modelling @ YouTube
The model is work in progress and some details still need work. I tried to find an adequate balance of realism and cartoon style which is why the elephant has a huge rear part and quite thick and short legs.

Warthog Texture
The warthog I modelled last time now has a texture. Don't be fooled by its friendly punk look! It can be a very dangerous enemy in the game!

This is a rough first iteration on the texture. I want to add some more details later. I might also make it look less friendly but I kind of like its cute, friendly and innocent facial expression. Just imagine that thing charging at you with exactly that face. I think it would be a hilarious experience!
Another option I thought about is making the hair on head and back black instead of orange/red but right now I'm happy with the current color.


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