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Entry 79 - UI / Tiger /Warthog - September 9, 2018

UI Rebuild Progress
So as mentioned earlier my UI is now Untiy UI and this what the main menu looks like now. I also added more fancy particle effects to the main menu because everybody knows that the main menu is the most important part of every game and needs to be finished before everything else... right?!
> Watch Main Menu Stuff @ YouTube

Sorry for the missing mouse cursor in that video.

The menu also scales fine with different resolution now. Thanks to Unity UI it's quite easy to layout and anchor things. The target resolution will be 1920x1080 because it's still the most common one. At this resolution you will get the best UI experience. In other resolutions you have to expect up- / down scaling of some assets but it should still look good.

I'm also using Text Mesh Pro now which leads to super sharp texts in all resolutions! Hooray!

I've been working on a model for a new animal: The warthog! It will charge at you and if you don't dodge you'll fly through the air a bit (and of course get serious damage and injuries). Afterwards you'll probably land on the ground and have to stand up first which makes you very vulnerable to subsequent attacks and other hazards. At least that's the plan. Same behavior would work great for animals like elephants, rhinos and hippos. They don't exist yet but I would love to add them too!
> Watch Warthog Modelling @ YouTube

Tigger Eyballs²
Another attempt to improve the eyeballs. I've drawn a more detailed eyeball texture in bright green colors:

> click to enlarge

Domain moved
Random background information: I moved the domain from GoDaddy to Namesilo last week. Mainly because it's cheaper - this is actually a ref link! Please register and buy domains - but also because I already have other domains at Namesilo and I don't want to use like 10 different domain providers.
It was still at GoDaddy because initially Tom from registered it for me and gave it to me later. Thanks again for that nice move! I hope everything still works fine but it looks okay from here.

By the way: Yes, I remember that I said that I want to work with placeholder assets and focus on the actual game play. I somehow don't manage to do that though. I need to work on visual stuff too from time to time in order to stay more motivated. This is why I still do models and art things here. I also know however that actual game play progress is more important right now and I'm still working on that as well. I hope to be able to show you more of that soon.


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