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Entry 64 - Food & Drinks - May 21, 2017

Sprite Sorting Layers
Looks like Unity improved the sorting layer scripting API in one of the 5.X versions!
I adjusted my code and made it much cleaner and simpler using the new API. No longer setting layers by string ID and getting the int ID afterwards.
I described that ugly hack in dev blog #28 back in 2015 and I'm really happy that it is not required anymore!

Eating food is important if you want to survive. So I made some more food models.

Meat for instance:

> click to enlarge

And berries. They are insanely high poly (80 tris each!) for my standards and yes, they are basically just spheres. MADNESS! No idea why I'm even showing them...

> click to enlarge

Note that these are intended for single berries / as inventory item. When they grow on a bush I'll probably use another model with a bunch of lower poly berries. Maybe something like the Stranded I berries?! Each of them consists of just 6 tris:

- don't click to enlarge - it's so low res that a bigger version of this image would just look worse. haha -

Drinking is even more important than eating. My current plan is to have containers which can be filled with liquids. With liquids I mean the obvious stuff like water but also other things like wine or milk. Without a proper container you won't be able to take any liquids with you. One of these containers would be.... a bottle.

> click to enlarge

This mesh also has quite some polys. That's because it's round and because the glass has an actual thickness so there are also triangles/faces inside. You can see it if you take a close look at the transparent wire frame pictures.

I think the rendered version from Blender looks pretty cool. I hope I can find a proper shader / the right material settings for Unity3D to make it look like this - or maybe even better?! - in-game. I didn't try that yet.


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