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Entry 93 - Plant Stuff - May 24, 2020

I made some reed models! Hooray! Here's one of them:

Fun fact: Unlike most plants in the game this reed model is entirely opaque and does not use any alpha transparency.

I worked on the grass and replaced the old grass texture and model with a new one.
The new texture isn't that thick (separate narrow blades of grass) and therefore blends better with the terrain texture.
I also took that opportunity to improve my custom grass rendering system which now supports multiple different grass models and materials.

You can also see on that screen that I'm experimenting with the HUD design again...

Planet Zoo Inspiration
I saw the Planet Zoo: South America Pack trailer and I really liked the plants there. Especially that little pink/magenta one which adds some nice variety to the scene which mainly consists of different shades of green.

Therefore I made my own version of that model for Stranded III (there's actually also another variant with less leaves).

And because it's much fun to recycle stuff I made another version of that plant which looks a bit stripy and is blue:

Moreover I got some awesome feedback for the map file format and further iterated on it to make it even better Thanks again for your comments!


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