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Entry 75 - Halloween & Tiger - October 31, 2017

Once again long time no update! I'm quite busy with the CS2D Steam release which will happen in about 2 weeks (November 15, 2017). Valve already approved everything!

Happy Halloween!
Also Happy Halloween everybody! I did some quick virtual pumpkin carving with the Stranded III pumpkin for this special day!

I showed my attempts to model a tiger earlier. It looked like a bear. While I somehow managed to make the model look a bit more like a tiger, I failed horribly at making it look cool, threatening and not retarded. I recorded a video of my attempts anyway. I invested way too much time already but this thing still needs some serious work. The tiger is one of the most important animals. It might be the most dangerous, agile and fast land predator in the game. This is why it shouldn't look too stupid
> Tiger Texture + Improvements @ YouTube


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