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Entry 59 - Sketchfab & Screenshots - November 13, 2016

Development Progress
Yes, I'm still working on the project. Unfortunately it's progressing pretty slowly so there's not a lot to write about.

Sketchfab is cool! It allows you to upload models directly via Blender so people can see them online in their browsers! Awesome! I made an account and uploaded a few Stranded III models so you can have a look at them in 3D! Hooray!
> Stranded III Sketchfab Models

Blender FBX Rotation Fix
Instead of using an import script in Unity, I'm now exporting FBX models correctly from Blender using this great export script. It seems to be an easier and cleaner solution.

Some Screenshots
I worked a bit on some models and made a few screenshots. Please note that the objects on these screenshots are placed entirely randomly, not using the final biome based placement algorithm. Also of course a lot of assets are still missing. I think it already looks quite okay anyway The dynamic shadows Unity provides make the jungle look way more alive and interesting than in Stranded II which did not have any shadows at all.


> Beach (click to enlarge)


> Jungle (click to enlarge)


> Dusk (click to enlarge)


> Dawn (click to enlarge)


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