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Entry 53 - The Crafting Poll - July 31, 2016

The Crafting Poll
I didn't manage to make noteworthy progress this week
But I want to ask you what kind of crafting system you would like to see in Stranded III.

My two suggestions are:

• Option 1: Guess and try combinations (like in SI and SII)
You don't have any list of combinations. All you can do is selecting some items and see what happens. Trial and error basically.

• Option 2: A list with combinations
Many other games go for a list of items you can craft and show you the required items so you can just select what you want to craft. It would also be possible to hide more advanced combinations in the beginning and to unlock them with certain skills/buildings/tools (of course unlocking would also work with option 1 though). Furthermore there could be categories because there will be many possible combinations.

If you're registered at please cast your vote here:
> Stranded III Crafting Poll

Please also feel free to comment. What do you prefer? Would you like to see a completely different approach? What would it look like?

Keep in mind that Stranded III will also be a multiplayer game and that you might have to craft the same thing quite often. So it shouldn't be an annoying/slow process.


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