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Entry 26 - Beware Of The Cloud & Facebook Page - June 15, 2015

Beware of the cloud...
I want to reuse the website leaves for the Stranded III main menu. The bad thing is that the part of the leaves which is hidden behind the website content isn't complete because I thought "nobody sees it so I won't draw it" ... so I touched the background image and drew the (still covered) missing parts of the leaves. I also took the opportunity to add some little red berries because why not?

Okay. When I was done I uploaded the stuff to the website, hit refresh in my browser to see it and: Nothing! It was still the same. First I thought: "Ooops... maybe Chrome refuses to refresh its cache. Let's try Internet Explorer!". But it didn't help! Still no berries. I tried to re-upload several times, double checked the paths made sure that I really saved the right files to the right folders. Everything seemed to be okay but did I see the berries? Nope.

I even asked other people to try. No berries for them either. About 5 minutes later I realized: Hey, didn't you enable CloudFlare for because of those nasty DDoS kids? You did! And bingo: I see berries when I use which doesn't route over CloudFlare. Try it if you don't see the berries either (don't expect much. They are not that awesome but at least they're red).

Conclusion: CloudFlare can drive you crazy if you forget that you're using it. The berries will appear as soon as CloudFlare updates its cache I guess.

I also made a facebook page for Stranded III last saturday. You can like it if you want to stay updated. But maybe I'll add an RSS newsfeed or something like that as well.

Oh and don't forget that there's also the Unreal Software facebook page


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