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Entry 20 - New Website & Menu Video - August 31, 2014

I prepared a website for Stranded III. It is currently accessible under and I changed the to point at the new website as well (DNS entries may take some hours to update).

The website is still very empty and unfinished. I'm planning to add a lot of foliage to the background later. Well... and content of course

The new website is not using WordPress like the old page on so all the comments will probably be lost. Sorry about that (I backed them up). The new page will allow you to comment stuff using Disqus though which is pretty fancy.

I'm also planning to add a command reference for the Stranded III Lua scripting API and definition language very soon.

Moreover I recorded a little video of the new scripted main menu (and also the hardcoded console):

Stranded III Main Menu Video on YouTube

Every sprite you see in the video is scripted. Including the particles of the fire. The only exception is the console which is a hard coded part of the game.


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