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Entry 72 - Aaand Action! - July 30, 2017

New Plant
There can never be enough plants! So I made a new one:

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The chickens from the previous dev blog entry need food! So I made an earthworm. Of course it can also used as fishing bait!

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I could have done that model with less tris but I need those to add some nice animations later.

Which brings me to the next topic: Animations.
I did not animate anything in Blender before which is why I decided to start small. So I took the snail model, added bones and made some simple animations.

This is the crawl cycle animation. No legs, no arms. Basically just 2 keyframes (acutally 4 with the starting position inbetween but it could be just 2). Snails don't move like this in real life but this animation makes it a bit more exciting!

Of course this is not the actual animation speed which will be used in-game. That should be much slower.

Afterwards I made a death animation. This one really still needs some work. I wanted to add some twitching but it doesn't look good. I will probably make it only fall and curl up.

And here are various other animations combined in one GIF:
• wobbling with the antennae (idle)
• moving front and back part up (could be played when it's hit)
• moving only the head up (could be used for different things)

I admit that all these animations are very rough and could be refined but hey it's just a snail and these are my very first Blender animations!


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