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Entry 69 - Clay Pot & Gecko - July 9, 2017

Clay Pot Skin
Do you remember the magnificient clay pot modeling video? No?
> Clay Pot Modelling Video @ YouTube
Finally, about one year later (oh my god...) I made a (simple) skin for that thing:

> click to enlarge

Yet another modelling video! I made a gecko!
> Gecko Modelling Video @ YouTube (20x time lapse)
I made the head extra big to make it look more cute

And I painted a texture for it because white models are boring (racism not intended):
> Gecko Texturing Video @ YouTube (30x time lapse)

Here's the textured model:

> click to enlarge

I'm not entirely happy with the texture
I rushed the texture painting a bit and it could be better. Also some weird UV texture stretching is going on along the mirror axis...
It's not a huge problem for this model because it just stretches the red pattern a bit. It actually looks kind of intersting, but... this effect isn't intended...


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