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Entry 65 - Sardine & Health - June 5, 2017

All that CS2D Greenlight stuff was kind of distracting for me recently. The good news: CS2D is currently on Rank #1 on Greenlight with nearly 12k yes votes! Thank you all for your amazing support!
> See CS2D on Steam Greenlight
> Try CS2D! Free download at

Do you remember when I wrote about converting the Lua UI elements to C#?
I now worked on the Lua API of the C# UI elements so you can use them in Lua to easily and quickly build your own dialogs, windows and UI elements.
There are a lot of different UI elements with many settings so it will be a lot of fun to document all this...

I also rebuilt the inventory menu now using the new Lua UI API.
Most in-game menus will be fully scripted while most of the stuff in the main menu will be hardcoded but extendable.

I made a sardine. I'm not convinced by the result yet and I guess I will touch it again later. Luckily sardines are quite small so it's okay for now.
> Sardine skin painting time lapse @ YouTube

Furtheremore there's now a bandage:

> click to enlarge

Which can be found in this useful first aid kit - well, if you're lucky enough to have one:

> click to enlarge

> see 3D model @ Sketchfab


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