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Entry 56 - Game Jam - August 21, 2016

Game Jam
I'm really sorry that my weekly dev blog approach isn't working very well recently. I wasn't able to post something interesting in the last dev blog and unfortunately I have to disappoint you again this week.

The reason for this is that I simply didn't have enough time to work on the game. I can show you something unrelated though. Together with a colleague I went to the IG Jam at the Games Com in Cologne from Wednesday to Friday and we developed a small game within 48 hours.

The topic was "masks" so we made a little Halloween game called Trick or Treat. It's available for many platforms and we even have a Web GL and Android version.

> More info here

What about Stranded III?
I'm still working on the basic network game so I can do some multiplayer tests with you soon.

Update 28.08.2016
I will temporarily pause the weekly dev blogs because it's currently hard to post about progress. I will try to bring them back ASAP.


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