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Entry 10 - Lakes - March 10, 2013

I now added a lake creation tool for the editor. It works this way:

1. click at the terrain where you want to create the lake

2. drag the mouse to control the water level of the lake (a blue plane visualizes the water level)

3. release the mouse button to actually generate the lake


The game automatically detects the shores. Flood fill is used to determine the size of the water surface.
The water surface texture is just a placeholder on those screenshots. All 3D graphics are not final.

Rivers are planned as well but not implemented yet. I can't tell if automatic/dynamic rivers will be in the final game or not but I'll try to add them.

Moreover I implemented my UDP library in Unity3D (same one which is used for Carnage Contest and Counter-Strike 2D as well). This allows me to implement the multiplayer code of the actual game and I already started to do so. I can't show this stuff on screens though because it's just internal code. I also implemented basic U.S.G.N. functionality like adding servers to the serverlist or getting the current game version/news/serverlist from the U.S.G.N. masterserver.


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