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Lua Command: s3sprite.createText


Return Values


int textID = s3sprite.createText(string text, int fontID, int x = 0, int y = 0, order order = 0, int alignment = 0)


Creates a new text on the screen with the font with the given fontID and returns its textID for use with other commands. fontID will be -1 if the creation failed (because fontID does not point to an existing image). Texts are a special kind of sprite. All sprite commands can be applied to texts as well.

The position is specified in pixels and starts with (0|0) in the top left corner of the screen. This is also the default position. A custom position can be specified with the parameters x and y. It is possible to change the position after creation with commands like s3sprite.setPosition.

The order defines the rendering order (and optionally also the sorting layer). Images with a lower order/sorting layer are rendered first.

By default the text will be left-aligned (alignment = 0). It can also be centered (alignment = 1) or right-aligned (alignment = 2).


textID will be -1 if the text creation failed. This commonly only happens when the specified font does not exist.


Texts behave like normal sprites. All sprite commands can be used on them.


See data types: order to learn how orders are specified!